Osteopathy is a non-invasive form of therapy, utilising stretching and mobilising techniques as well as massage and some gentle manipulation of joints to alleviate pain, improve circulation and optimise overall function of the whole body. Osteopathy employs a number of effective techniques including myofascial release, palpation, osteopathic massage techniques, trigger point and various combinations of soft tissue work.
Osteopathic therapy is ideally suited to treating sports injuries, repetitive strain and workplace injuries. While remedial massage is mainly focused on the muscle, osteopathy can also assist with skeletal mis-alignment and pain within the connective tissues as well as treating muscle pain and pathology.
Osteopathic therapy can assist in healing many kinds of injuries by reinvigorating the muscle and connective tissues and restoring healthy tone, blood flow and function.

At our Bondi osteopathic clinic a treatment generally takes around 30 minutes and includes Remedial Massage.


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